Reddits Female Dating Strategy Offers Women Advice And A Strict Rulebook For How To Act

It was by and for women, but women with extreme internalized misogyny. As porn-sick men dominate tech companies and popular platforms, sites like Reddit fall deeper and deeper into a misogynist wormhole creating an intolerable environment for women. With their IPO on the horizon and lazy, at best, attempts to do damage control, the future of Reddit could actually hang in the balance.

We have made changes to the post flairs to encourage more strategic discussions around dating, and to take into account user feedback that the subreddit was becoming too negative. As such, many of the flairs relating to male scrotary have been retired, but we are pleased to announce the addition of the Flirting Tips and Meet Cute Stories flairs. FDS aligned women are moving to / herspace..We created a female only, female moderated space. I get so mad when a woman is being mistreated and other women refuse to comfort her or speak up/defend her, or even worse, they blame her for it. We have to set the standard for how we treat each other, and just because some men find it acceptable to be creepy or hurtful or abusive doesn’t mean we have to accept that. The new FDS website includes a forum, strategy guide articles, links to their two podcasts, and ways to support them through donations and a merch shop.

Follow FDS on social media and join the official website at for more FDS content beyond Reddit. The sexual conservatism of their approach can become oppressive to women. Women are encouraged to not disclose their sexual history to partners or have sex too soon because they believe no man would ever love a woman who has sex quickly. Reddit has a long-standing misogyny problem on its platform.

I understand why some women are tempted to keep the peace but I couldn’t live under that false sense of security. I have heard many women in my life “give the benefit of the doubt” to abusers of women on multiple occasions. Women I previously respected, and women I still love.

Memes, dating tips, and a judgmental look at women’s behavior

“There’s like an element of guilt everyone feels because it is traumatizing,” Reaux said on the podcast. The moderators say they have had to report some threats to the FBI, and they fear for their safety if their true identities were ever made public. “If men knew who we were they would hunt us down,” said Lilith on a previous episode of the FDS podcast. To gain a deeper understanding of our community and our principles, you are required to read the FDS Handbook before posting.

We believe in only displaying content that is beneficial to women. Join the official website at for more FDS content beyond Reddit. We focus on effective dating strategies for women who want to take control of their dating lives.

FDS Official YouTube -The Female Dating Strategy

They muted me for 30 days so i couldn’t DM them to complain. A few months later i remembered so DMd them to say i thought the policy was ridiculous. They reported me to reddit and I was nearly autobanned from the entire site until I explained what happened to the official reddit team who DMd me. I’m not even pinpointing any specific subreddit, I’ve seen this pop up a ton all of a sudden, including from young women at work. I really don’t think men have this many ways to insult each other specifically for being men.

It’s lovely being able to come here and discuss/vent/laugh with all the lovely ladies who you know just get it. My girl friend piped up ‘come on now both of you, leave it now’. We can’t keep turning a blind eye to this casual misogynistic toxic masculinity bs. She hates my new feminist views but that’s on her and she shouldn’t be in there trying to diffuse a heated conversation that needed to be said.

I have been mistreated for being female by other women far more than I have been discriminated against by males. Women play social games, freeze me out when I don’t conform in the workplace, etc. I have been mistreated by men due to misogyny twice in my 40 years, and both were minor incidents that had no impact on my career. So anyways, that died I think over a year ago, but all of a sudden I’m seeing the phrase “pickme” picking back up and…what do you know, it’s used against any women that people disagree with.

A politician (Hancock 🤮🤮) has been caught having an affair in his office during lockdown. He’s also our health secretary who has set the rules for lockdown. My aunt and mother were so shocked and disappointed that my uncle would speak like that to his dad. But bcs of culture they think you should still respect your parents and elders etc etc. Im watching my grand aunt disintegrate before my eyes.

Seriously, it’s a pain in the ass to have to go through and delete hundreds of comments so Stop tossing out Scooby Snacks to these dogs. Any obvious bait threads or threads advocating violence will not be tolerated. Although we encourage valid criticism of our male counterparts, any “KiLL AlL tHe MeNz” posts will be removed and you will be banned.


There are even approved podcasters and YouTubers for FDS members to listen to. If you dislike FDS, the mods, or feel you cannot agree to play by our rules, that is absolutely fine. FDS has a number of fan clubs detractor subreddits that will gladly host your views. We are under no obligation to platform people who are criticizing us in bad faith.

Like it or not, funding women for their contributions to the feminist movement is an important part of building a resilient network. Providing women with tips and strategies on how to date in a way that benefits them will always remain the focus of this subreddit. The FDS mods and community have worked hard to create this space and we want to ensure that the subreddit stays on topic. If you have good faith constructive criticism, please comment it on the new weekly discussion thread, Suggestion Sundays. My dad is abusive to my mom and she’s very much under his control.

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