Arabel was registered as an enterprise in April 1990 to carry out sundry business activities. On Thursday, November 5, 1998, it started trading in Islamic materials. However, it was incorporated as a limited liability company with Registration No. RC 452,710 on June 10, 2002. Alhamdulillah, ever since it started operating and dealing in Islamic materials, substantial growth has been recorded.
Arabel is a strong brand acknowledged in the supply of high quality Islamic materials. Over the years,the company has grown beyond a retail outfit and has diversified into publishing and manufacturing. Living In The Light of Allah (LITLA), a daily devotional and other publications are must-have literary products of Arabel. We do not compromise on quality, hence our head wear range, Princess Aisha continues to enjoy tremendous patronage because of the unique style which always exude class and sophistication. With a dedicated branch to cater for the needs of prospective brides and grooms, Arabel Bridal is an answer to most young adults’ wedding questions. At Arabel, we are not “business as usual” as we take our corporate social responsibility quite serious. Arabel Learning & Economic Empowerment Foundation (ALEEF) is a Non-Profit organization established for the purpose of building the capacity of Nigerians by providing entrepreneurship and business development programs that will in-turn give birth to the establishment of viable business entities that are sustainable for social and economic independence.


The Mission evolved from the vision of its founder and has three main components viz: Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Image. Following therefrom is conceived as an efficient organization with a strong structural base that is firmly committed to the distribution of very high quality Islamic products thereby showcasing the BEAUTY OF ISLAM.

mission statement

“To provide and deliver the best possible quality Islamic products and services professionally and efficiently in an environment full of comfort, warmth, and genuine friendliness”.